1) 4:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Start/Finish area – this includes t-shirt and fanny pack handout. Park at the Alexander Hamilton School lot which is a short walk from the staging area in the high school parking lot. There is a second lot at the high school near the Alexander Hamilton School that we can use also. This group will include the high school volunteers and will be coordinated by Mr. Higgins, Mrs Standridge and Mrs Adler.
2) 6 pm– 9:00 pm – Water Stations – meet near the corner of Mills St and Sussex Turnpike between 5:45 and 6:00 and park on the side streets near that corner. (If you come down Sussex towards Morristown turn right on Mills St and make the first right on Tuxedo and park there. The other option would be to park at the Alexander Hamilton School further down on Mills and walk back up). Coach Pietrewicz will coordinate the water stop volunteers which will be divided up into two groups to man the two water stops, both of which are a short walk away from the parking area at the corner. Two Porto johns will be available for the water stop volunteers in two locations. The Alexander Hamilton parking lot and the little triangle island at the intersection of Cutler, Ralph and Sussex.
Water stop locations:
Walker Ave – shortly after the 1 mile mark just before Mills St. This is on the other side (north side) of Sussex Turnpike.
Kenmuir Ave – just off Mills St on the way back around 2.5 miles.
We will have pizza and refreshments at the Alexander Hamilton School parking lot
after we have finished. Thanks for volunteering – we will have a lot of fun.
Kevin Higgins Cell # 973-647-2724
Coach P Cell # 201-841-0566

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