Season Update

Dear RTRacers-
We hope that everyone is staying healthy, practicing social distancing, and enjoying time with their family as we navigate through these unpredictable times.
Ironically, this is the first time in years that the mild winter and temperatures would have worked in our favor to practice outside. Usually, we would all be bundled up in layers complaining about how cold it is at the Morris Hills track and wondering why we can’t practice indoors.
We would like to take some time to update everyone on where things stand with the current track season.
Unfortunately, we are still unable to schedule practices and start the season. As long as the schools and fields remain closed, we will not be able to practice. As a best-case scenario, we will look to start the season after Spring Break. However, this remains dependent on whether schools are reopened.
In the interim, Coach Steve has posted workouts for RT Racers on the online training app. Details about that were emailed to you.
There are also some workouts if you are stuck inside or in your backyard – they are posted under the “workouts” tab. There is one specifically for the clinic. Have the family join in as well!
We remain hopeful that we will be able to have a track season. However, at this point, the health and safety of all racers, coaches, volunteers, family, and friends remain our top priority.

In the event that the track season must be canceled, we will issue refunds to all registrants. Until that time, please allow us to navigate the current situation rather than e-mailing us to request a refund.

Spirit wear: Has arrived and everyone who ordered has been contacted.

We will continue to update everyone. Stay healthy, and keep running. 
The RTRacers Board and Coaches 

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