Fall 2022 Cross Country Registration

Registration for Fall 2022 RT Racers Cross Country is now open in Team Snap by clicking this link.  Registration will be open until 8/15.

Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7 pm at Enholm Field in Rockaway starting either the week of the 15th or 22nd of August.  Depending on field availability, we may be adding one additional practice day per week.  

Meets are Sunday mornings at Central Park of Morris (Greystone).  The League has not released the Meet Schedule yet, but the first meet is usually in mid-September and the Season goes to early November.

This program is open to athletes ages 6 to 15 who are in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The course distances range from about 1600m (approx. 1 mile) for the youngest athletes to about 4000m for the oldest.  

For Middle School students, please note that this is the Rockaway Township recreation program and is separate from the Copeland Cross Country program, although some athletes do both.  The coaches will work with the athletes who are also doing Copeland to coordinate their practice schedules. 

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