Picture Day this Thursday

Thursday, April 26, we have our picture day at Copeland Middle School
6:30 PM Clinic Girls
6:55 PM Clinic Boys
7:00 PM 11-12 girls

7:15 PM 11-12 boys
7:20 PM 9-10 girls
7:30 PM 13-15 girls

7:40 PM 9-10 boys
7:50 PM 13-15 boys

All athletes will be in the group photo, but only those placing an order will be
photographed individually. If you would like to purchase pictures, please complete your
order envelope or online order form and return to the photographer on picture day.
To prepay online go to http://www.bassettiphoto.com/prepay and enter code RTTF to view your order form.
to pre-order pictures online click here