RT Racers Board:

Program Director          Anneliese Yombor
Assistant Director         Scott Feingold
Treasurer                         Gina Graham
Secretary                          Gabriela Akcay (
Booster Coordinators   Stephanie Spillane, open
Coaching Liaison            Steve Leo


Track & Field:
Head Coach                  Steve Leo
Clinic Head Coach       Anthony Giardina

Assistant Coaches

Brian Graham
Curtis Green
Russell Babcock
Mark Brennan
Jimmy Abboud
Karl Schaefer
Bill Frank
Pank Mistry
Scott Feingold
Anneliese Yombor
Gina Graham
Gabriela Akcay
Karen Merz
Laura Eory
Carol Gleason
Daniel Nigra

Cross Country:

Head Coach                   Mark Brennan
XC Assistant Coaches: Brian Graham, Anneliese Yombor

Department of Community Services Coaches and Volunteer Resume/Application