Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get information on RTRacers?

Communication is through the “TeamSnap” app.
Website: http://www.rtracers.net
E-mail: ​rtracers@gmail.com
Facebook Group “RTRacers”

VARSITY:  (Born 2008 through 2014, but NOT in high school)
Events: 100, 200, 400, 800, mile, 4×100,  long jump, shot put

                     Tentative schedule: 3 practices per week for 90 minutes (Tue, Thurs, Fri)

                     Meets are mostly on Sundays, with 1 or 2 Saturday meets

CLINIC:  (Born 2015-2017, but MUST be in Kindergarten)
Events: 50, 200, 400, 800, 4×100,  long jump

                     Tentative schedule: 2 practices per week for 60 minutes (Tue, Thur)

                     Meets are mostly on Thursdays and Fridays

Meet Information

Meet schedules are posted on TeamSnap and http://www.rtracers.net and will be updated as needed.

As coaches, we are constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of the RT Racers program. One important aspect is communicating with the parents. If you are new to the program or if you are not completely familiar with how our track meets work and what kind of different meets we compete in, the following explanations will hopefully clarify some particulars.

Event limitations:

Each competitor is allowed to compete in 4 events total, maximum 2 individual running events, the third running event would be a RELAY. Examples are 100/200/4×100/Long Jump. Or 100/Shot Put/Long Jump/4×100 (2 field events, 1 running event and relay is ok)

In dual meets (most of our meets are dual meets) each team has 3 scoring runners in the first heat of the 100m, 200m, and 400m. The first heat of RELAY is the scoring relay (A-relay). The following heats are non-scoring runners, but all the runners compete to better their personal times. 800m and the mile have unlimited entries; anyone can score. Shot put and long jump has 6 entries, for each age group.

All running and field events award 5-3-1 points for first, second and third place. Only the A-relay can score. For relays, it is all or nothing. 5 points or zero. All other relay teams in that age group are non-scoring, but they run to get a good time. We encourage all the kids to run in the relay.

Even though it is special to be a runner who gets to compete in the scoring heat, we want the athletes to focus on their own performance. It is great to see when an athlete improves his or her time (or mark) as a result of hard work in practice.

In addition to our regular meets, there is a Relay meet and the Championship meet. The relay meet consists of a 4×100, sprint medley (100,100, 200, 400) distance medley (800, 200, 400, mile), and a shot put relay. Select athletes will go to the relay meets. Athletes can compete in 3 of the 4 relays.

The championship meets consists of all the events of a regular dual meet. 2 athletes per event per age group will go to the championship meet.

Any athlete who is not going to the championship meet gets to compete in the open meet.

Event placement:

Age group coaches, together with our distance and field event coaches are responsible for deciding who is competing in a scoring heat during regular meets and who is going to the relay or championship meets. Performance and attendance at practice/meets are factors that help with those decisions.

Event placement in general: Your child should compete if he or she enjoys competing in. Some kids are pure sprinters, some love long distance, and others specialize in the field events. Many kids are somewhere in between, and some even enjoy running everything from the 100m to the mile. We want to help your kids to find the events that they: a) enjoy and b) are competitive in.

Sometimes we ask an athlete to help out the team and run in the event that has either no one else or only 1 or 2 other athletes in it. If you have any additional questions about event placement, do not hesitate to ask any of the coaches.

General reminders for meet and practices: Only Athletes, coaches and volunteers (timers and scorers) are allowed on the track and the infield. Volunteering as a scorer/timer or for the concession stand is a fun way to get to know the athletes and other track parents. Plus, your son or daughter will be excited to see you helping out.

Rockaway Township Youth Code of Conduct